• The investment tools used by banks and fintech companies today are still complex and focused toward trading. In their first three months of trading actively, 70 to 85% of new investors lose their money.
  • Women around the world live longer, but invest less than men and are less financially protected. More than ever, women need a financial safety net.
  • No investment opportunity currently exists that corresponds to the female audience's values: investing clarity, low sums to start the investment journey, consistent long-term investment goals, and avoids promoting trading.
  • ESG challenges and goals are so far little realized into practical solutions and tools which could enter and benefit the life of the masses.
  • By making frequent, small-amount investments, the Hamsa Plan app fosters a community for women and assists them to build the habit of long-term investments.
  • With the Hamsa Plan, investing is as simple as starting any subscription. It provides a single investment solution that combines the stocks of the greatest firms in the world, eliminating the need to weigh your choices.
  • Hamsa Plan maximizes the returns through a proven strategy of regular long-term subscription-like investments and a community that will always advise and support its users.
  • A single investment product
  • Regular payment functionality
  • Community of women supporting each other
  • Building habits of long-term investing